In luxury hotels, refrigeration becomes increasingly sustainable thanks to CO2: on Dolomites heart, air conditioning part was conceived to be sustainable by using a very modern 150 kW Chiller, operating on carbon dioxide. In fact, the use of CO2, combined with the production of energy with hydroelectric systems, ensures that the entire production cycle of chilled water (air conditioning use) is 100% sustainable, without using fluorinated gases which continue to cause part of climate changes we are experiencing in recent years.


Yukon is the new range of liquid coolers developed by Enex for the cooling of water and water / glycol mixtures. Yukon family units use CO2 as a refrigerant: it is a natural fluid (GWP = 1) with zero environmental impact (ODP = 0), non-flammable nor toxic. Yukon chillers are designed according to a new concept: the “gravity” circulation of the CO2 refrigerant in the evaporator takes place thanks to the difference in density between the pure liquid entering and the steam leaving the evaporator. Therefore the new design allows for supercharging evaporators, ensuring maximum efficiency and minimum energy consumption. The Yukon frame is in welded and painted steel, while the cooling circuit is in 304L stainless steel. All tanks are supplied with double insulation, i.e. vapor barrier and subsequent thermal insulation. To further increase efficiency an ejector is used, a static device that recovers 20% of the compression work.

The dedicated PLC manages the inverter and the compressors for the different load needs. Operating range from -10 to + 40 ° C, possibility of customized solutions. Complete on-board control panel interfaced with existing remote control.

Yukon is available in different options and variants, as well as being optimized in the following applications:

  • Version with reverse chiller / heat pump
  • Total heat recovery.

The installed chiller has total heat recovery on board which in summer provides 150 kW of domestic hot water at 65 ° C.