Another great ENEX project: YUKON GRAVITY CHILLER for OBI center

YUKON GRAVITY 2×600 kW with heat recovery

Surface built: 24.250 sqm.

Two 600 kW Yukon Gravity chillers were installed, for a total of 1200 kW in the technical room. The units feature heat recovery exchangers, flooded evaporators powered by gravity, and an ejector system to optimize performances in all weather conditions and heat load user side.

Remote condensers are located around 80 mt away, on the roof.

The two chillers – each featuring 6 compressors, one of which under inverter – can deliver a total power of 1,2 MW with water at 7°/12° C, all while recovering condensation heat, thus producing hot water for a total capacity of 450 kW and 75°C. The inverter enables the continuous modulation of cooling capacity in order to respond precisely to the heat load required by the plant.

The gas coolers are equipped with EC fans and mufflers, which optimize the modulation of the air flow and noise emissions. The units also provide a remote communication protocol to allow the connection with the plant’s BMS.