Trento district (I)

  • Multi ELBA DX – installation 2015
  • Supermarket – refrigeration of coldrooms and cabinets MT /BT, summer room cooling and winter heating
  • With liquid ejector, auxiliary compressors for flash recopressor and heat recovery
  • With “Heat Pump” mode
  • MT capacity 95 kW
  • LT capacity 22 kW
  • AC capacity 200 kW
  • Heating capacity 150 kW
  • Design pressure side HP: 130 bar
  • Stainless Steel AISI 304L / TIG welding

The system realized represents an integrated system that allows the complete recovery of the heat in winter, with possible integration of the heat pump. The auxiliary compressors are also designed to meet the summer cooling requirement. The heat exchange with the evaporators of coldrooms and cabinets, as well as the one with the air conditioning system, takes place by direct expansion.


29 August 2017


Malè (Trento- Italy)