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COhigh – efficiency

Enex chillers are large refrigeration units used for cooling and air conditioning process. They are commonly used in the process industry and in industrial thermoregulation applications, where production requires reaching and maintaining very low temperatures and sustained cooling levels.
The units are designed following a new concept: the circulation of CO2 refrigerant in the evaporator occurs thanks to the difference of density between the pure liquid incoming and the outgoing vapour from the evaporator. For this reason, the Yukon family is also identified with the term “gravity”.

The Chillers have an innovative circuit developed by Enex that allows to obtain a high efficiency and a high reliability.
Other features of the Yukon chillers are the following:

Available with heat recovery

“Reversible” version for winter operetion in heat pump

High-efficiency version with ejector, according to an exclusive and patented design

Yukon is Enex new range of medium-sized chillers for water and water/glycol cooling. This array of products is above all suitable in civil air conditioning and process industries use.