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Water and
water/glycol cooling

Yukon is Enex new range of medium-sized chillers for water and water/glycol cooling. Its use is above all suitable for all those places that require high quantity of hot water, such as hotels and hospitals. Moreover, for these applications, there is the opportunity to set up an efficient heat recovery.


Two versions available:

  • Low Pressure Receiver (LPR): used in smaller systems
  • Gravity overfeeding: suitable for bigger systems. It is also available with the Enjector option, that leads to high-efficiency levels in difficult weather conditions


Use of the natural fluid CO2: ecological, not toxic and not flammable.

High-efficiency in high temperatures places

Exclusive and innovative circuit that allows the maximum use of heat transfer surfaces:

a) Low pressure receiver for units up to 60 kW, with a compressor. The chillers combined in parallel permit a capacity increase assuring redundancy.
b) Gravity feeding for large units up to 450 kW, which are also suitable with Enjector technology for maximising the efficiency. The parallel combination of the units permits the achievement of very high capacities (useful for industrial applications).

Solid design with fully welded stainless steel circuit

Plug and play units

Easily accessible components

Low environmental impact

Low noisiness

Possible integrator with gas cooler/condenser


Enjector for a higher efficiency and an increased capacity

Gas cooler/condenser

Heat recovery for sanitary water

Outdoor cladding for the YK100-YK450 model