The new range of Enex chillers is called YUKON gravity to highlight the innovative evaporator gravity operation method. The circulation of the refrigerant due to the difference in density between the pure liquid entering and the steam coming out of the evaporator has numerous advantages.
The method is perfectly suited to the optimization of evaporation pressure based on the water outlet temperature which is also a novelty. In addition to this it is possible, with low thermal loads, to work with low T.
Enex has been working for several years on the development and optimization of CO2 chillers that have now reached a high degree of efficiency; a further innovation, in the final patenting phase (Patent Pending) makes it possible to recover the expansion energy through an ejector, increasing the yield by 15%.
The solutions used in air conditioning and process cooling in the current scenario are characterized by a myriad of refrigerants with an uncertain future as they are subject to the limitations of the F-gas regulation. Since CO2 is a natural fluid, the new YUKON gravity chillers are the only product currently on the market that, for the same efficiency, guarantees a durable investment.
Furthermore, given its high efficiency, Yukon “gravity” meets all the requirements established by the “Ecodesign” legislation.
Since 2015 Enex has installed several tens of Yukon Chillers, both for HVAC application and for process cooling. All the machines have shown a total degree of reliability to confirm the validity of the product.
For Enex, research and development are fundamental activities, in fact, it has created a laboratory in which a 100 kW nominal chiller is installed, to simulate all operating conditions.
The chiller test is also accessible to customers and installers who can get to know this product up close.

Constant research has also allowed Enex to introduce new options for the YUKON series:
Yukon R, reversible chiller that can operate as a winter heat pump
Yukon with heat recovery on sanitary water, used for users with high consumption of hot water such as hotels and wellness centers