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High efficiency CO2 systems

Enex has a leading role in the development of innovations regarding the CO2 refrigeration field, such as:

  • Auxiliary compressors
  • Evaporators overfeeding through ejectors in dry-ex systems
  • Energy recovery through ejectors
  • Optimization for ACS heat pumps operation
  • Gravity driven water and brine chillers
  • Combined heat and cold production

All the above-mentioned solutions allow the CO2 refrigerating systems to have a higher efficiency compared to the traditional ones. In particular, the “evaporators overfeeding through ejectors” and the “gravity driven chillers” solutions, raising the evaporating temperature up to 6K, permit a 13-15% energy saving.

Innovative refrigeration systems

Enex has been the first company to develop reliable systems for combining refrigeration, wintry heating and summer cooling.

In particular starting from 2015, the company has developed integrated systems, which use directly the CO2 as a fluid for the heat transfer. In this way, in the mentioned systems the efficiency improved and led to a consequent decrease of the total cost.


Enex believes in innovation and keeps working to improve its array of products and services. As intellectual property is one of its main concerns, it deposited several patents.


Enex is UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015

ISO 9000 regulations describe how organisational requirements should be handled by companies in order to guarantee the standard quality assurance procedures.
Besides ISO 9000, Enex offers CAT IV, which certifies the fulfilment of quality standards in high-pressure systems. This is a necessary certification, as CO2 machines run under high operating pressures.
Also, Enex has always made sure that all of its processes and operations follow certification requirements.