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Enex technicians, thanks to the experience acquired during the years, are able to support clients in finding out the most suitable solutions, according to their requirements. From the selection of the piping system, to the heat exchangers, to the gas coolers and evaporators, up to the executive development of the whole system.


The customization of the plants is Enex main strong point. Besides the standard refrigeration machineries, the company designs and produces special systems according to clients specifications. What bonds the two kinds of products are reliability and high-quality levels.


The carbon dioxide is considered a special refrigerating fluid and requires different productive and maintenance techniques compared to the common HFC refrigerants. There is not a well-established plant standard, due to the many innovations introduced through the years, but Enex is able to provide both a theoretical training course and a training on site when the product is installed. Moreover, other specific training programmes can be organized upon client’s request.

Testing and deployment

All refrigeration systems and heat pumps undergo a strict pressure cycle test, besides the usual trials during the manufacturing. The rigorous production controls, in compliance with the technical specifications, assure the integrity of the circuit, completely realized in stainless steel.
Moreover, the units before their shipping undergo a final functional test and, on customers demand, Enex provides a start-up support on site by a qualified team.

Technical support

Enex has a support service available on the territory. The technicians, positioned in different areas, are constantly in contact with the central headquarters and up-to-date on the interventions to do. Furthermore, the replacement service is able to send the spare parts requested within 24 hours and a periodic reporting service about the main components of the product is available on demand, in addition to the usual remote monitoring.