Enex launches a low cost system for performance diagnostics in refrigeration

Enex launches a system for performance diagnostics in refrigeration

Very much alike the automotive industry, refrigeration will change through software. In line with latest trends, Enex is offering a automatic diagnostics system for the most common causes of breakdowns.

The system, which is completely independent of regulation and that can therefore work along with any type of controller, consists of a set of simple acquisition modules for analog and digital measures that are passed on to a microcomputer and eventually to the cloud. Given a set frequency, some software analyses the uploaded data automatically through specific mathematical models. This allows to detect:

  • when the compressors are less efficient than what was expected during the design phase;
  • when some liquid has affected the compressors;
  • when the behaviour of lubricant oil has been anomalous;
  • anomalous vibrations;
  • over heating of electrical motors.

Moreover, the system is capable of measuring the refrigerant mass flow and to calculate the COP of the units.

The service, which is available for both final users and installers, is now available on request on all units for NEVA, ELBA COMMERCIAL , ELBA INDUSTRY and YUKON families.