Enex wishes to thank all those, around 50 people, who participated in our training meeting entitled: “NEW GENERATION CO2 REVERSIBLE CHILLER”, held in the conference hall of the Caldaro winery (BZ) on Friday 21 June.

For us it was a valid opportunity to cultivate new relationships and collaborations with numerous technical studies in the neighboring areas but also with companies that intrigued by our proposal came from the Marche and Emilia Romagna regions only to learn about our company.

During the meeting we discussed topics such as the F-GAS Regulation and the CO2 cycle theory and then we presented our new reversible CO2 Yukon Chillers and the Enex Advisory: a support service for predictive maintenance and energy analysis of our plants.

We finally visited the cellar and its relative system to show guests the real operation of one of our installed machine.

We are pleased with the interest expressed and we hope to be able to repeat the experience in the future maybe in a different location to show another of our plants at work.

Installed Machine

Meeting Room