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Hot water

Enex designs and provides heat pumps for the production of hot water up to 90°C, geared towards commercial and industrial applications.

Efficiency, ease of use and application of the natural refrigerant CO2 are the main characteristics of the two heat pump ranges: Airheat and Geoheat. The three different capacity models of each array permit a 5000-15000 litres/day hot water production.

The use of these heat pumps makes possible the water heating in just one step, from the water main temperature up to 90°C and the possibility to stock it in tanks designed for the stratification. Moreover, an innovative controller permits their operation in every weather condition.

The main advantages are:

Very high-efficiency production of sanitary hot water

Fast and efficient defrosting (Airheat)

High protection degree of the refrigerant circuit through the constant monitoring of all conditions critical parameters

Full safety guaranteed by the redundant protection levels in the refrigerating circuit

Ease of deployment

Smaller stock tanks are required thanks to the high temperature of the water produced

Zero risk of Legionella contamination

Enex conceives Airheat heat pumps for the production of sanitary hot water up to 90°C, using external air as a source. The main characteristic of this range are the use of CO2 as a refrigerant and the four different capacity models.


Enex Geoheat heat pumps are conceived for producing sanitary hot water up to 90°C, using the same water or the ground as sources. As Airheat pumps, their main characteristics are the ease of use and the adoption of CO2 as a refrigerant. Moreover, there are three capacity models, which can be parallel assembled.