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Air source heat pumps

Enex conceives Airheat heat pumps for the production of sanitary hot water up to 90°C, using external air as a source. These pumps are the efficient solution to all those applications requiring high quantity of hot water such as hotels, canteens, hospitals, sport centres, laundries and agri-food industries.


Ease of use

Plug and Play unit

Solid and compact design

Low noisiness: special compressor assembly and insulating cladding

Dedicated logic control with COP optimization

Assisted keyboard set up

Variable speed fans

Variable speed heat pumps

Standard design pressure 80 bar LP side-130 bar HP side


Evaporator with anticorrosive cladding

Stratified water tank

Pressure gauge panel

Web server included for remote monitoring

Electronic soft starter

Metallic net to support the finned battery

Combined hot / cold production (AC)