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Refrigeration in small
and medium spaces

Drava refrigeration units are specifically conceived to be used in small-medium supermarkets, in the HoReCa sector and in all of those applications requiring units with small dimensions and ease of use. Among the Drava products there are both machineries for medium temperature and the booster variation with medium and low temperatures. Enex makes use of the natural refrigerating fluid CO2 in this range, too. For this reason, it escapes the legislative restrictions, the incertitude and disadvantages related to the synthetic refrigerants use.


Ease of use

Plug and play units

Solid and compact design

Low noisiness: special compressor assembly and insulating cladding

Two variations: indoor or outdoor installations

Subcritical efficient use: horizontal integrated condenser with a finned battery (outdoor variation)

Standard version: 60 bar design pressure LP/IP side- 120 bar HP side

Complete canalization of the safety valves drains

Electrical panel

Liquid receiver: 50 lt. small version, 106 lt. top version

CE/PED Cat. III and IV certification


Heat recovery

Inverter on MT/LT compressors

Manometers panel

Electrical resistance on the liquid receiver (outdoor variation)

Enjector for a higher efficiency and an increased capacity

Control system upon client’s request