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Refrigeration in
medium and large spaces

Enex conceives the Neva refrigeration units, characterized by high efficiency and ease of use, especially for purposes in medium-large supermarkets and in the HoReCa sector. Among Neva products there are booster models with medium and low temperature, besides the models for medium temperature only. As the other ranges, Neva makes use of the carbon dioxide as refrigerant. For this reason, it escapes the legislative restrictions, the incertitude and disadvantages related to the synthetic refrigerants use.


High efficiency: optimal booster cycling with intercooler and regenerative heat exchanger

Solid and compact design

Stainless steel pipes

Low noisiness

Automatic backup of the critical components

Easily accessible components

Plug and play units

Standard supply with 45 bar design pressure LP/HP side - 120 bar HP side

Large volume liquid receiver

Complete canalization of the safety valves drains

CE/PED Cat. IV certification


Heat recovery for space or sanitary water heating

Design pressure 60 bar LP/IP side

Pressure maintenance unit (HP 130 bar), available also with an autonomous 24V DC battery

Liquid level visual indicator

Liquid level transmitter

Integrated water condenser

Enjector for a higher efficiency and an increased capacity

Economizer for an efficient operation in high temperatures spaces

Control system upon client’s request