2018: Enex founder Sergio Girotto is elected Accelerate Europe Person of the Year by Accelerate magazine, a prize awarded to people and organizations that excel in advancing natural refrigerant technologies.


2011: Booster with refrigerant CO₂ with overfeeding in medium and low temperature stages (IT0001408334)
2012: Liquid ejector for overfeeding (EP2718642, IT0001413175 and IT0001406274)
2013: Method for oil separation, also in systems with parallel compression (EP2754980)
2018: Gravity fed chiller with ejector for expansion energy recovery (EP 3486580)


2006: first rack produced by Enex (n.1 MT rack and n.1 LT Rack (3 compressors 2 stages- Open Flash tank)): Customer Growa – Bern, Switzerland. Still in operation at the end of 2021.
2007 first booster produced by Enex: Kerzers, Switzerland.
2008: first installation of a rack with a parallel compressor: Customer Goetz AG – Prodega Givisiez – Givisiez, Switzerland
2013: first installation of rack with ejector for overfeeding: Customer Supermercato Poli – Spiazzo Rendena, Italy. This is a major innovation that allows CO₂ to be used in Southern Europe/high-ambient temperature conditions (above 15 degrees C annual average)
2014: first installation of a rack (booster) with liquid + vapor ejectors: Customer Alpiq (former Goetz), Migros Supermarket – Bulle, Switzerland
2018: first chiller with Ejector: Riva del Garda, Italy