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Large refrigeration
units and chillers

Enex renovates Elba industrial products introducing higher capacity models:

  • Industrial refrigeration systems for distribution centres and logistic
  • Larger chillers for cooling and air conditioning processes
  • Refrigeration units for belt freezers in food industry

Elba range is the ideal solution for large refrigeration units and chillers, thanks to its innovative and exclusive design.


Its main characteristics:

1) Maximum safety guaranteed by the use of CO2, a not toxic and not flammable refrigerant

2) High efficiency (with high external temperatures, too)

3) Innovative circuit that permits the maximum use of heat transfer surfaces with Enjector in DX refrigeration units

4) High-efficiency designed chillers:

  1. Low-pressure receiver with a compressor for units up to 60kW (can be parallel-combined with other units)
  2. Gravity excess load for units up to 400 kW, available with enjector technology too. The combination of more units in parallel, specifically suitable for the industrial sector, allows reaching a capacity of more than 1,0 MW.

5) Solid design with fully welded stainless steel circuit

6) Plug and play unit

7) Easily accessible components


High efficiency: optimal booster cycling with intercooler and regenerative heat exchanger

Solid and compact design

Stainless steel pipes

Low noisiness

Automatic backup of the critical components

Easily accessible components

Plug and play units

Standard supply with 45 bar design pressure LP/HP side - 120 bar HP side

Large volume liquid receiver

Complete canalization of the safety valves drains

CE/PED Cat. IV certification


Heat recovery for space or sanitary water heating

Design pressure 60 bar LP/IP side

Cooling unit backup

Liquid level visual indicator

Liquid level transmitter

Integrated water condenser

Enjector for a higher efficiency and an increased capacity

Economizer for an efficient operation in high temperatures spaces

Control system upon client’s request