Yukon - R

Yukon – R is Enex’s innovative range of transcritical reversible heat pumps – chillers for the heating and cooling of water and brine mixtures, suitable for HVAC, district heating, and other applications. It offers a split configuration with remote gas cooler-evaporator, ideal for installations where the compressor section must be located in a plant room for noise reduction and easier maintenance. The Yukon – R unit can produce hot water up to 80°C, normally too high to reach with plants using conventional synthetic refrigerants. To produce chilled water and brine, the Yukon -R multi-compressor version features a gravity flooded evaporator system, which ensures simplicity of design, high efficiency, stable control, and extreme reliability. It is a unique design particularly suitable for CO₂ refrigerant. For some comfort and brine models, the patented Enex ejector option is also available, further increasing efficiency.   The Yukon – R range is extremely flexible, comprising two versions:
  1. 4-pipe reversible: Split 4-pipe polyvalent unit with remote reversible gas cooler/evaporator for simultaneous and independent cooling and heating, with optional additional heating circuit for domestic hot water (6-pipe)
  2. Heating: heating only unit with remote evaporator and hot gas defrost, with a
capacity range of 50 kW to 600 kW, depending on operating conditions.